February 9, 2021

New Reader Board

The TCTV channels have a new reader board.  The fresh new look includes a weather and news headline feed at the bottom and crisp contemporary graphics.Screen displaying channel 22 reader board

The reader board on Channel 3 features messages from Olympia, Lacey, and Thurston County. 

Channel 22 and 77 feature messages with information and events from local nonprofits.

Tumwater TV Channel 26 includes City of Tumwater and Tumwater Schools announcements and news.

To submit a PSA, just click on the link in the Public Service Messages box under the WATCH column on the website.

January 30, 2021

New Equpment Show & Tell on Feb 3rd

Join us for a ZOOM Show & Tell. We've got some nifty new production tools to help you make multi-camera field productions or iPhone video.

Want to switch a multi-camera production on location? You will want to find out more about the ATEM mini-switcher.

Can't keep your cell phone steady when recording video? Our new DJI handheld gimbals will keep things smooth.

Plus, we want to see your faces and touch bases.

Don't miss this ZOOM-IN. February 3rd at 5:30 PM


October 6, 2020

Get Creative!

Make a scary movie trailer

If you were writing a script you couldn't come up with anything scarier than 2020...or could you?

Here's your chance. Imagine what 2020 would be if it was a horror movie.  Now, make a trailer for it!

We will air it on TCMedia channel 22 and 77 on Halloween night.

Please submit by Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 2020

  • Length:  short video - 2 minutes max
  • Rating: G – Must be suitable for all audiences
  • Rules: Please adhere to social distancing and wear masks when in close contact with others throughout the production process.
  • Theme - If 2020 was a horror film
  • Challenge - Mock movie trailer with a scary element.

Entries will debut on TCMedia channel 22 at 6pm and channel 77 at 8pm on Halloween night, they will replay several times and we will share them on our Video on Demand and social media platforms.

Send to: mediachallenge@tcmedia.org. Include your name and phone number in the message.