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Workshop Schedule

Basic HD Cam - Nov

Meets Nov 20th from 6-9 pm

Cost $25: Learn the basics of the Sony AX-2000. Certifies you to check out the camera, wired mics, and clamp lights. Prerequisites: Orientation.

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Orientation - December

Meets December 8th, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Basic orientation to Thurston Community Media.

To sign up, please call 360-956-3100

Basic HD Cam - Dec

Meets Dec 10th from 2-5 pm

Cost $25 - Learn to use the Sony AX-2000 field camera, as well as some basic accompanying field production gear (wired mics, clamp-lights, tripods).

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Studio Production Package Nov 2019

Meets Nov 14th, 15th, 16th, 19th from 6-9 pm

Cost $60: Learn how to operate all the equipment in the TCMedia studio. Students will learn camera operation, lighting, audio, switching, graphics and teleprompter. The last class is a live-to-tape talk show production on Mission: Non Profit. Prerequisites: Orientation.

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Basic Camera 2019


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