February 20, 2018

TCMedia recognized as a Thurston Green Business!

Through efforts spearheaded by TCMedia Office Coordinator Vicki Adams, our organization has been recognized for our environmental stewardship and will be listed on ThurstonGreenBusiness.com 

"I am excited to be a part of an initiative to make Thurston Community Media as 'Green' as possible," said Adams. "Frederick Dobler campaigned for over two years to bring composting to our media center. In 2016, I was tasked with investigating and implementing a compost program. I contacted the City of Olympia, to find out more. Following the assessment of our facility, he provided us with recommendations, containers, and signage. I feel that by taking the time and effort to become a designated 'Green' organization, Thurston Community Media is doing our small part for the environment.

Thurston County Green Business

Sustainability and eliminating food waste is important to our organization and the young people in our community. To watch Let's Talk Trash, an award-winning short program produced by our the 2016 YPN cohort, click here.

Let's Talk Trash

Recognition of new Thurston Green Businesses will occur at the Thurston Chamber's Thurston Green Business Forum Luncheon at the Hotel RL Olympia on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. "Saving water, conserving energy, reducing waste and buying or selling green are all sustainable steps that improve the health of our community and environment," according to ThurstonGreenBusiness. "Businesses who take these steps to lower their environmental footprint find that they save money while protecting and preserving resources."