May 14, 2020

Get Creative!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the Homemade Media Challenge.  We loved seeing the creative work and the variety of ideas shared. It was so much fun we decided to do it again... with a twist.

It's time for Homemade Media Challenge Part 2: Silent Movie Edition.

Your job is to create a story with NO dialogue, just pictures and graphics and a music bed.   Think about an old silent movie.  They told stories with pictures and a few well placed graphics and a great music score to drive the plot along.   

We're providing 3 different pieces of music to pick from. They're all less than 90 seconds long but each is a different musical style.  You must use one of the selections we provide. 

Click the link below to download the music. 


  • Silent movie style - No spoken dialogue or voice overs, text graphics are fine.
  • Production format is your choice - movie, animation, slide show  - whatever tells the story best. 
  • You must use one of the music tracks provided.

Submit your finished project no later than 11:59 pm Sunday, May 31. Send your video to
We will screen all the submissions at the TCMedia Member Zoom-In at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3rd. 
All of the submissions will be compiled and scheduled to run on TCTVChannel 77.  
What are you waiting for. Download some music and get creative!

Music - Suspensful

Music - Old Time Piano

Music - Epic Adventure