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Instant TV Guidelines

Do you have a great idea for a TV Show but don't have the time or desire to learn video production.  We've got the answer - INSTANT TV!

Instant TV is a way for individuals and groups to create simple video programs at TCMedia without having to take classes or recruit a volunteer crew.  TCMedia staff will set up the studio, run the equipment, and record the video for you.  You appear in front of the camera alone or with up to three other people. You can demonstrate your favorite craft, have a talk show about a local issue, or tell a story from your life.  You provide the content, TCMedia staff do the production work. 

There are some guidelines and protocols to follow: 

  1. Keep it simple! InstantTV is designed for simple talk shows or presentation-style programs.
  2. You will have 1 hour to record 30 minutes of non-commercial content.
  3. No post-production editing is provided for Instant TV shows. 
  4. Orientation is required before reserving your Instant TV time slot. Orientations are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Noon. 
  5. You must pay our Equipment & Facility Fee. Details are here
  6. Other rules and details are available here

We hope Instant TV will make it easier for local people to make local media. To that end, we ask you to consider donating to TCMedia when you use Instant TV to help offset the staff costs for providing this service (the minimum recommended donation is $25). Donate at a level that is comfortable for you. Nobody will be turned away. 

To help support Instant TV, donate here