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Studio A COVID-19 Protocols


These protocols are developed in an attempt to make use of the TCMedia studio as safe as possible for all concerned during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We continue to monitor mandates and recommendations of local and state Departments of Health and will operate in compliance with any requirements they issue.

We’re asking Community Producers and Volunteers to be patient as we continue to move through this challenging time.  TCMedia will add services and access to more facilities when we believe it to be safe to do so for our staff, guests, producers and friends

STUDIO PRODUCTIONS – Current Producers

TCMedia will open Studio A on a limited basis to support established studio productions.

Producers are advised that:

  1. All areas of the building except Studio A are CLOSED.  All public areas are closed. NO USE of bathrooms, Cafe, lobby or Studio B.
  2. Edit Suites remain closed until further notice.
  3. All Studio A users enter and exit the building through the Studio A rear double doors.
  4. Everyone must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while in the building.
    • Hosts, guests, and production crew entering the building must sign in with name, address and phone for contact tracing purposes.
    • Hosts, guests, and production crew entering the building must have a temperature check with a non-contact infrared thermometer.
  5. Hosts, guests, and production crew entering the building must answer the following questions:
  6. Have you or anyone in your household been exposed to anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days?
  7. Have you or anyone in your household displayed symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  8. Studio occupancy is limited to four people with overall building occupancy limited to 10.

Studio A COVID-19 Procedures:

Studio A is available by appointment for a maximum of 2-hours on Wednesdays from 2:00 8:00 p.m. or Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Only one appointment will be scheduled per day. Appointments must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance to ensure facilities and staff are available. Programs (by title) are limited to one reservation per month.
Call 360-956-3100 to make your appointment.

TCMedia staff will set the studio with general lighting and standard floor plans. There will not be time to change sets or lighting. Producers will choose from the sets and furnishings available.

Producers and guests will park in the back parking lot and call TCMedia to notify staff of their arrival and to be admitted through the Studio A double doors.

A maximum of 4 people total are allowed access to Studio A per reservation. Producers, any crew and guests must stay in Studio A. There is no access to any other part of the building.

Face coverings are required for all. Hosts and guests may remove them during the recording.

Host and guests must be positioned no less than 6 feet apart. Social distancing must be maintained by all. Host, guests, crew should avoid contact with furniture or equipment not utilized by the current production.

Hand sanitizer will be available. Gloves will be provided for camera operators.

Control Room A - Staff Only:

Staff will set the studio and turn on equipment and lights prior to each appointment.

TCMedia staff will record, direct and switch your program, including any production elements submitted in advance. Only staff are allowed in Control Room A. No exceptions.

Producers must send information for titles/credits/lower thirds, teleprompter scripts, still

graphics or pre-recorded video packages at least 3 days in advance of the program for staff to load into the Control A production equipment. 

Programs may be ready to air as recorded. However, producers are responsible for any additional editing if they believe it is needed or if they choose to add graphics and roll-ins after the studio recording.

After the Production:

TCMedia staff will wipe down all equipment and surfaces in Studio and Control Room A

TCMedia staff will compress and submit completed programs for playback on TC Media channels.

TCMedia staff will copy video files onto a hard drive if producers plan to edit the program or if they want a copy of the program as recorded. Producers should allow a minimum of 3 days for file transfer.

Future Fees for Service:

TCMedia will not charge current producers with established studio productions for this additional staff support during the COVID-19 pandemic. When TCMedia returns to full operations, producers will again be able to recruit and use their own volunte