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Community Enrichment Classes

Expand your skills through Parks and Recreation. TCMedia is proud to partner with Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation to bring exciting new training opportunities to our community. To learn more and register for these workshops, click on the Register Here links below

All workshop registrations are handled by Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation

Olympia Parks and Recreation: call 360-753-8380

Digital Filmmaking

Instructor:  Ker Malkin Gesulga 

Schedule:  October 8th to November 12th, Fridays from 4 to 6 PM 

Price:  $250 

Overview:  This 6-week course introduces students to the fundamental filmmaking concepts and techniques of a single-camera production for a narrative/documentary film. Students will complete short films as they go through the filmmaking process from script development to post-production and distribution. Students are expected to properly use basic film production equipment, write and commit to a script, prepare pre-production materials for film shoots, demonstrate proper set etiquette, assemble production footage and properly export completed projects using professional editing software, evaluate other students’ films and offer a critical analysis. 

Capacity:  Minimum 8 students / Maximum 16 students

Register Here: Digital Film Making Class 

Music Video Production Course

Instructor: Robert Kam 

Schedule:  November 8th to December 13th,  Mondays from 6 to 8 PM 

Price: $250 

Overview:  Students meet every Monday for 2 hours from 6-8 pm. Together, the participants will write and record a song, then shoot and edit a music video together. Students will be introduced to music theory, multitrack recording, storyboarding, cinematography, storytelling concepts, choreography, camera operations, and video editing. The finished video will air on TC Media channels, and be available online. NO EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATION. 

Capacity:  Minimum 8 students / Maximum 16 students

Register Here: Music Video Production