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Board of Directors

Accepting Nominations for TCMedia Board of Directors
The Nominating Committee is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors. You may download an application here. 

Thurston Community Media Board of Directors
The Thurston Community Media Board of Directors meets once a month for regular Board Meetings and at one other time a month, as needed, for Board Work Sessions. Both meetings are subject to change, and the Board works together to identify dates that are convenient for all members. Meetings may be canceled if there is no pressing business or if a quorum is not available.

Public Participation in Thurston Community Media Board Meetings
The public is welcome to attend any meeting of the Thurston Community Media Board of Directors. If you wish to address the Board, please send an email in advance to  Written comments can also be sent to

Thurston Community Media Board Roles and Responsibilities

All members of the Thurston Community Media Board of Directors have the following roles and responsibilities:

                 *Fulfilling the Board’s fiduciary oversight of the organization
                 *Annual evaluation of the Board as well as the organization’s Executive Director.

Committees: Board members are asked to serve on at least one committee. The committee structure is reviewed and revised each year depending on organizational needs. In addition to the standing committees, ad hoc committees are organized as needs require.

Standing committees include:

Executive Committee - comprised of the officers of the board; Meets on an emergency basis when immediate decisions are required without the ability for the full Board to meet

Finance Committee - reviews financial reports, works with staff to develop the annual budget, and makes recommendations regarding financial policies and investment activities.

Nominating Committee - recruits and evaluates applications for board positions and presents a recommended slate of candidates for board appointment. 

Board members are expected to make an annual financial contribution over and above any facility use fees or class fees. There is no minimum amount required.

The Board is solely responsible for the management of the Board Meetings

Term of Office: A full term for Community and Member representatives is 2 years. Expiration dates are staggered. However, individuals may be appointed for a shorter term to fill a board vacancy.

Yearly Events: There are several activities during the year that Board members are expected to attend.

Compensation: Board members serve on a volunteer basis and are not compensated other than preapproved reimbursement for mileage, or payment for training/conference to enhance the Board’s ability to serve. Thurston Community Media carries liability and Directors & Officers insurance.


Directors Term Ends
 Meagan Murphy Ross - President Dec. 31, 2024
Mary Beth Harrington - Vice-President Dec. 31, 2024
Arne Morgan -  Secretary Dec. 31, 2024
Joe Neal - Treasurer Dec. 31, 2025
Emmett O'Connell  Dec. 31, 2025
Molly Ainsley Dec. 31, 2025